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Themis - Reference by Rurouna Themis - Reference by Rurouna
I HATE ANYTHING DIGITALLY UGH OH MY GOD WHY.... I don't know if I did this right or anything x-x I gave it my best. I went out and had to scrounge around for any software that I could do this seeing as the deadline is coming up. Oh mah god... -headdesk-



- Themes That Fit -
:bulletorange: Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas - [link] :bulletorange:
:bulletyellow:Man of Constant Sorrows - Charm City Devils - [link] :bulletyellow:

:bulletorange: Has an Irish accent, and sounds like Billy Connolly as El Duce' from Boondock Saints - [link] | [link]

Pack: Di Fonga Hounds
Name: Themis - Named after Greek Titan of Judgement
NickName(s) - Judge
Breed: Capos Cane (Italiano Cane), Mafia Hound
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Coat type: Short/Spiked
Base fur color and shade: Black/Grey
Eye shade: Light Blue
Ear type: Large, Tattered
Nose/Lip Color: Pale Pink
Marking(s): Splashing/Minimal White/Irish Mantle
Accessory(ies): Black Leather Collar with metal band with the Latin numeral for 8

Personality: Themis is a very quiet and seemingly secluded canine, often preferring his own company to that of others. He likes to do things his own way, and often doesn't let others help or interfere with his 'work'. Despite him appearing as shady of a canine, he's very dedicated to what he is focusing his attention towards, to the point to where he can seem a little obsessive compulsive in getting the task done. He doesn't often let others into his company for very long, mostly for the sake that he fears of what 'life's judgment' will bring them if they linger around him. He believes he is cursed, and that curse is what allows him to pass judgement onto others.
Strengths: Tall, Muscular. Themis is built for speed and stamina, and due to his past history, he is a skilled fighter. His weight also plays in, though he seems lanky, he uses what ever forces he can muster to put the opposition down.
Weaknesses: Mentally Compromised from believing he is cursed. Because of his size, he can't fit into many places that regular dogs can. Feels confined if around to many canines or other animals, also his compulsion towards his tasks.

Brief History: Themis didn't have an easy upbringing, as he was birthed on the unforgiving cobblestone streets of the city and wasn't exactly taken care of by his Dame. She had once been the bitch of a wealthy shop keeper, grooming her and taking care of her day after day. She was a prized specimen, like a rare gem to the odd ways of the humans, but she didn't care, she relished in the pamper and treatment she received.
However, during one of her heat cycles, her owner was called away during an important business trip, and she was left in the care of a house sitter. Not understanding the importance of the fae they were caring for, they left her outside, tied up like some filthy mutt. She didn't understand, and it didn't take long for her scent to carry. A 'street rat' as she called them emerged and took her by surprise, initiating breeding with her, and impregnating her with a single pup. When her owner returned, he was disgusted to see that his prized dog had been breed with a mutt out of the gully, and what ever pamper she had once received was gone.. she was not a prize any more.
It didn't take long before she found herself also out in the streets, acting like one of the dogs she despised. Months had passed, and she finally felt stirring in her womb and it was then that Thesis was born. His mother was bitter towards the squirming whelp, mainly because of how he was conceived. She blamed him for ruining her once pampered existence, and though she despised him... she couldn't fight the motherly instincts to at least raise him.

He wasn't raised gently, in fact he was more or less just following her and picking up what ever scraps he could from after her meals... Though despite this, he loved his mother, he looked up to her, and saw her as an angel among the garbage. He grew quickly, and learned the ways of the street. Even though his mother did not realize it, she was teaching him everything he needed to know to survive in the harsh world.
Life however takes it's turns, and one day as Themis was taking his leftover rations to his aging mother, he found her encircled in a pack of feral hounds. They had attempted to mate her, but being as proud as she was, she refused and they attacked. Enraged, Themis threw himself into the middle of everything, lunging, snapping, biting... Throwing dogs aside and leaving red stains on his maw. Whomever wasn't to injured scampered off while the others dragged what remained of their entrails into the shadows. He turned to confront his mother, only to see her just as broken as the ones he just chased off. Distraught, he lowered his maw to hers and wept... it was the first time she realized what he meant to her... It was then that she gave him his name. The Titan of Judgement. He was to pass it on those who were deemed unworthy... And she entrusted that to him with her final breath.

Reasons for joining: "I don't care much for the company that a pack provides, but what I lack are numbers to be able to provide the judgement that one's deserve... If I make friends, then so be it, but I doubt that will happen."
Likes: Cool nights, classical music, a good old mattress to curl up on, Italian food, smell of clean laundry, chilly waters, some females, to protect what is his.
Dislikes: Loud noises, cars, headlights, other abrasive dogs, Thai food, thunder storms
Quirks: Can seem rude at some points to others, often seems like he's ignoring someone when they're talking, can be sarcastic, has a secret soft spot for females, secretly doesn't like to be alone, has a habit of 'nesting' when he sleeps and curls into a large ball.

LOVE THIS GUY! He's my first Mafia Hound, and I've been wanting one ever since they came out. I got him in an adoption, since they're a closed breed, and I couldn't he happier with him x3 I can't wait to get him into action!

Original Sheet - #3 - [link]
Original Design to *Nakomii

Challenges -
Initiation - [link]
Mafia Hound Breed [CCDI's] =CapoKing . They are a closed breed, not for one's own personal creation
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Forwardess Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow Ruru. One of your few digital pieces and you went all out huh? I like it. By far your longest description xDDDD

What's going on in your world? How've you been?
Rurouna Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
>3> Not really... Its still my traditional drawing I just cropped it and stuck it on there. I had to fight so much with the stupid software.
xD I got carried away.

It's going xD Slowly but surely.
Kamieno Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh oh oh, hope you get accepted :la:
You sound like a great role-player, too :meow: looking forward to seeing you in the chat~
Rurouna Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Heheh thank you :3
This boy was in there before, so I hope he gets back in
And I can't wait!
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